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The service policy and warranty statement on this page are related to the SNK MVSX Arcade sold on snkmvsx.com.Therefore, we guarantee to the original purchaser that the purchased product is free from defects related to manufacturing, parts, materials, and workmanship under normal and acceptable usage.We will provide a global warranty within 90 days.

Warranty Qualification Statement
In order to be considered eligible for repair or replacement under warranty conditions, please include the following information in the repair project:

· Buyer Name


· Original purchase date


· Order No.


· Product model purchased


Copy of purchase receipt

* Failure to provide the required information mentioned above will result in rejection of warranty repairs.


Warranty does not include


· Counterfeiting or purchasing products from any other place/platform, damage or inability to use caused by inadequate repair work by end users or any unauthorized repair center.。


· The issue of inability to operate due to the seller's determination of a lack of reasonable maintenance and upkeep.



Accessories or:


· rocker


· button


· case


Damage: This warranty does not cover but is not limited to any physical and/or electrical damage caused by:


· accident


· misuse


· maltreat


· Vandalism


· nature


· Any item provided or not provided by the manufacturer for temporary or permanent fixation using adhesives, fasteners, etc.


· Use a power source or any other power source not specifically recommended by the manufacturer.


· Insufficient repair work carried out by the end user or any unauthorized repair center.







To the seller

The customer is responsible for all shipping/handling fees related to returning the product to the seller (excluding DOA, please read our return policy for more information).The product must be properly protected in its original packaging or other means to avoid damage during transportation.The seller is not responsible for any damage that occurs during transportation.


From the seller
send out goods

All packages will be shipped according to the transportation agent agreed by the customer, and all related costs will be borne by the customer.



If repairs are carried out, the seller will be responsible for all costs related to the repairs,including parts and labor costs.

Expect turnaround

The estimated turnaround time depends on the availability of parts and products,therefore, it cannot be guaranteed.Information on the current turnaround time for warranty repairs and replacements,please contact the support service on the seller's website.

Determine permissions

The seller's service department will have the final decision-making power for all potential warranty service claims.